We are thrilled to announce the qualifiers of our My LifeVenture Allowance Program!

This year, from July 1 through Sept. 30, these LifeVantage distributors increased their volume in their outside leg by 10,000 OV.  Here’s what these qualifiers earned:

  • Pro 1–Pro 5: earned a $200 allowance per month
  • Pro 6: earned a $300 allowance per month
  • Pro 7: earned a $400 allowance per month

Additionally, those distributors who put their monthly allowance toward the purchase or lease of a Jeep Wrangler will receive an additional $50 each month!

Congratulations to these MyLifeVenture Allowance Program qualifiers!

 Ana M Quintero
Bang Truong
Barley Family Healthcare
Beverly G Lansden
Brian Ciroli
Brian R McClocklin
Bruna Pillon
Carol L Stecher
Daniel J Moellering
Danny Calhoun
Debbie Kral
Dianne Kornrghy
Dr. Barry Boyd
Elizabeth D Phillips
Elting Real Estate Services
Eustus S Nelson
Floricar Y Villanueva
Frederick A Loar
George Lay
Gina Uy
Harvey M Conner
Jason Churchill
Jason T Bailey
Jeff Dameron
Jenise Cutler
Jennifer M Blount
Kevin R Winn
Kristi K Jordan
Marc Boults
Mary Goedkoop
Melissa Lightfoot
Melly Salinas
Nicole Monaghan
Penny VanDerripe
Quantum Physical Therapy & Wellness
Rachel A Roetter
Richard O Krause Jr.
Richard Singleton
Rita Dominelli
Ron Gray
Samantha R Sweat
Sara Kelsey
Saslou Management Inc
Shambala Day Spa
Sharon Dominguez
Sveta Silverman
Tater Tot Industries LLC
Ted J Hudspeth Sr.
True Freedom LLC
 Vinsin K Phan
 Wanda Silva
World Class Opportunity LLC
Youth Renewal LLC


Congratulations to our qualifiers to our first ever
MyLifeVenture trip in beautiful Coeur d’Alene, Idaho!

This trip of a lifetime includes four days and three nights of adventure with excursions into Glacier National Park, Montana. Coeur D’Alene is one of the best-kept secrets in the United States. It boasts a world-renowned golf course, luxurious spas, beautiful scenery and activities for all types of people, from the adventurous to those looking for a peaceful sanctuary.

Please join us in congratulating our qualifiers!

Tyler & Tasha Daniels
Marcell& Lisa Niederhauser
Marc & Sheri Shinsato
Bill & Cynthia Delaney
Skip & Jill Campbell
Carrie Dickie
Eric & Tricia Albrechtsen
Blue & Realene Elam
Colt & Cathy Elam
Brandon & Lynette Cunningham
Seth & Amanda Campbell
Stu & Carla Brodie
Clinton & Stasia Boyles
Tony & Stephanie Krashowetz
Sheree & Rick Gillaspie
Scott & Linda Satterfield
Gabe & Jill Pearson
Fred & Kasie Graves
Corey Ray & Brad Dixon
Russell & Tracy Blanch
Carolyn Clark
Dave & Cathi Markee
Cherise Matthews
Patti & Greg Palka
Michelle Skaff
Bert & Ruth Debroisse
Tiana & Adam Tymn
Kerry Williams
Maria Williams
Rich Hardesty
David Mata
Jacquelyn Sheppard
Donna Deegan
Mark & Pam Gordon
Dr. Norman & Audine Marvin
Michelle Poe
Zach Padgett
Bob & Sharon Putt
Sonny Belanger
Chad Belanger
Peter Ngo
Maya Nguyen
Vince Como
Dondee Nettles
Kathleen Obrien
Jeremy Reheis
Jonny Tashjian
Fred & Becky Davis
Mark & Krista Harris
Judy & Arlen Allmon
Sam & Vandee Flake
Dave & Joanne Matteson
Everett & Gaye Schilling
Koichi Tadokoro
Gene & Kelly Tynes
Greg Dieker
Kristinne & Don Babinsky
Bill Brooker
Terri Cooper
Rosa Maldonado
Dr. Gene DeLucia
Daniel & Kathy Bernard
Lynette Stansbury
Tim & Tori Hill
Marilyn Johnson
Trent & Tracy Lindstrom
Daniel & Sarah Soutas
Michael Epstein
Marie Soderberg
Joe Low
Melissa & Kenny Brewton
Larry Mullet
Michael & Kay Kopp
Buddy Delaney
Marcia Livingston
Yvonne Legendary Rivers
Valentina Gran
Charlie Thackston
Life Balance Inc
Esther Landerso Cisneros
Grace Brennan
Manuel Gultiano
Laryssa Brend
TK Industries
Stephen Nock
Jesse Horst
Debbie Kral
Rainforest Rainbows LLC
Victoria Harris
Eric Russ
Jerry Peterson
RTC Trading, LLC
The Elite Plan LLC
Clarissa Griffith
Sarah Folse
Clay Delaney
Scott VanDuzer

Ascent up Pikes Peak Thrills Distributors

Thank you, Pat Watarai, for sending us this awesome picture of LifeVantage distributors atop Pikes Peak.

Thank you, Pat Watarai, for sending us this awesome picture of LifeVantage distributors atop Pikes Peak.

We introduced the My LifeVenture program at our Global Convention this past April as a celebration of the culture of freedom that distributors can enjoy here at LifeVantage. The day after Elite Academy ended in Denver, Colorado, we embarked on our first My LifeVenture activity—an exhilarating drive to the summit of Pikes Peak. Overwhelmingly, the event was an enormous success.

Hundreds of eager, passionate distributors supported us in this activity. The drive to the top of Pikes Peak required time and even some courage. The steep roads and sharp turns on this 14,000-plus-foot peak made for white-knuckle driving. Certainly, successfully elevating to the pinnacle of this imposing mountain took determination, strong will, perseverance and desire. Once at the summit, however, every amount of effort was more than worth it. The views were spectacular and awe-inspiring; the experience was memorable.

This activity had a figurative and literal likeness to your journey as a LifeVantage distributor. When you embark on your quest for financial freedom and healthy living, the endpoint may appear so far away—perhaps seemingly unattainable. As you exert your efforts to achieve goals, you encounter steep hills, rocky terrain, unexpected obstacles and physical, emotional and mental strain. But when you keep going—when you don’t surrender to challenges—you can find yourself triumphantly at the zenith of all your dreams.

Premier Pro 6 distributor Stace Falk, of St. Augustine, Fla., participated in the activity and had nothing but glowing reviews for the outing. “It was handled and managed fabulously. It went completely smoothly,” she said. “The celebration of culture was amazing. It fired up a lot of people to see the Jeeps rolling up the mountain. I loved it! I’m looking forward to the next one!”

We express gratitude to all those who took part in the My LifeVenture drive up Pikes Peak. We hope this was a memorable, moving experience for you and your team.

First My LifeVenture Activity a big Success

Hundreds of LifeVantage distributors made their way to the top of Pikes Peak on the My LifeVenture Sunday activity.

Hundreds of LifeVantage distributors made their way to the top of Pikes Peak on the My LifeVenture Sunday activity.

You knew Elite Academy would knock your socks off, but were you not blown away with our My LifeVenture activity on Sunday? This drive to the summit of gorgeous Pikes Peak was awe-inspiring. We thank all those who participated in this memorable gathering.

With a caravan of My LifeVenture Jeeps cruising from Denver to Manitou Springs, LifeVantage distributors eagerly convened at the base of famous Pikes Peak to make a symbolic ascent. Making one’s way to the top of this 14,000-foot mountain required time, effort, energy, perseverance and undeterred desire. But once at the top, the beautiful view made it all worth it. Similarly, at LifeVantage, ascending in your business doesn’t come easy. There are steep hills and there is rocky, uneven terrain along the way. But once you achieve your goals and bring others to the top with you, the benefits are indescribable. LifeVantage offers peace, freedom and a unique lifestyle that can be attained through diligently following the Master Track.

Thanks to Carli Shields for providing this photo of her and fellow distributors at the top of Pikes Peak.

Thanks to Carli Shields for providing this photo of her and fellow distributors at the top of Pikes Peak.

My LifeVenture is a celebration of the LifeVantage culutre—a culture the encompasses family, friendship and the liberating freedom to have the choices to design your own life. Take hold of this incredible opportunity, and share it with those you care about most. By doing so, you can change your life and the lives of countless others.

Elite Academy has Begun: Roll out the Jeeps

They're here! The My LifeVenture Jeeps have made their way to Denver for Elite Academy.

They’re here! The My LifeVenture Jeeps have made their way to Denver for Elite Academy.

At long last, Elite Academy is under way in Denver, Colorado. If you’re one of the lucky ones to participate in this high-energy event, make sure you check out the rugged My LifeVenture Jeeps! You might just qualify to earn one for yourself!

Congratulations to all those who have qualified for a Jeep! Through My LifeVenture, you have the vehicle to reach your dreams and experience the adventure, freedom and lifestyle that only LifeVantage can provide.

Coming to Pikes Peak? Don’t Forget to Sign the Waiver!

Come with us to the top of grandiose Pikes Peak, Sunday, July 21.

Come with us to the top of grandiose Pikes Peak, Sunday, July 21.

You know that Elite Academy will blow you away with inspiration, motivation, excitement and fun. But don’t forget to join us Sunday, July 21 for our My LifeVenture drive to the summit of spectacular Pikes Peak. This first-time activity is sure to fill you with lasting memories and a deeper yearning to immerse yourself in the LifeVantage culture.

We want all of you to be there with us as we ascend up this grand mountain with the new My LifeVenture Jeeps. But remember, if you plan on participating in this activity, you must be registered for Elite Academy, and you must sign the following waiver:


You’re probably getting set to come to Denver for our highly anticipated Elite Academy. We’ve got some awesome things in store for you!